Launch of the Impact Finance Barometer 2022

Launch of the Impact Finance Barometer 2022

The Impact Finance Barometer analyses key figures on financial inclusion worldwide, using figures on the global microfinance market from ATLAS, a data platform that hosts validated financial and social impact performance data.

This year, as part of its special report, the Impact Finance Barometer examines the resilience of the impact finance sector to exogenous shocks. By this term, they mean all the political, economic, climatic and social risks which, if they materialise, contribute to destabilising the sector, with knock-on consequences for all beneficiaries.

Launched at Convergences conference, the Paris-based think tank that aims to promote the SDGs and a “zero Exclusion, zero Carbon, zero Poverty” world, the second edition of the Impact Finance Barometer gives you the latest trends in the inclusive finance sector as well as a focus on the Gender Lens Investing (GLI) as part of the impact finance ecosystem.

To learn more about gender-based factors in the investment process, read our member, Innpact, insights and expertise on the GLI and Innpact’s specific initiatives (page 8) as Innpact is currently developing tools to actively integrate GLI into various funds.

Another member shares his expertise on the role that inclusive finance can play against the effects of climate change. ADA‘s article (page 9) highlights the commitment of Enda Tamweel, a leading Tunisian MFI in the field of green microcredit. With the support of ADA, it has developed a series of financial products designed to help small agricultural producers adopt more sustainable practices, particularly in terms of water and energy resource management.

Read the Barometer in English here et en français ici.

(Source: Impact Finance Barometer 2022)