ADA (Appui au Développement Autonome)

Member description

ADA is a Luxembourgish NGO working to promote an effective, sustainable and social inclusive finance sector worldwide.

ADA mission is organised around 5 hubs of activity:

  1. Inclusive financial innovation: Developing with the partners on the ground new financial products to open up new sources of revenue and to better meet the need of low-income population;
  2. Capacity building: Supporting the professional development of the inclusive finance actors (professional organisations, microfinance institutions, microinsurance brokers) through training, design of management tools, workshops;
  3. Investment services: Assisting microfinance institutions in their search for funding;
  4. Research & Development: Coordinating inclusive finance research among a variety of public and private players;
  5. Information & Knowledge Management : Disseminating inclusive finance know how externally through conferences such as the African Microfinance Week ( and internally.

Know more about the work of ADA in inclusive finance by reading the interview of Paula Cortes.

Face to Face with Members: Paula Cortes, Project Officer, ADA

6 November 2017

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Member details

Organisation type(s):

Not-for-profit organisation

Field(s) of competence:

- Research / Knowledge Management
- Technical Assistance / Networking
- Training

Area(s) of expertise:

Microfinance, MFIs capacity building, MFIs funding, business development, social and environmental performance, youth entrepreneurship, remittances, financial product development.



39, rue Glesener L-1631 Luxembourg



+352 45 68 68 1


+352 45 68 68 68