Our History

InFiNe.lu builds on the former Luxembourg Microfinance Round Table (LRTM), an informal initiative launched in 2004. LRTM was set up as to facilitate the dialogue on microfinance among a variety of state institutions, civil society organisations and financial firms.

In order to reinforce member activity and to enlarge LRTM’s adhesion by private actors, the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs decided to reform the platform’s presidency, which it held this far. A system of rotating co-presidency (renewed every six months) was put in place with dual-actors from different backgrounds (Ministry, NGO, private sector) endorsing it.

On 18 September 2013, it was unanimously decided to revise LRTM’s structure based on other European microfinance platform models (e.g. The Netherland, Germany…) and establish it as a not-for-profit. InFiNe.lu’s first General Assembly took place on 31 March 2014.