Focus on Climate in the Sustainable Finance Expert Training from the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Author: Esther Meyer Today I´m back with the final report of the series. Last time I wrote about the assignment, which[…]

Rethinking financial products for the digital age: Insight of the Boulder Digital Transformation of MFIs programme – Week 4

This week’s module was on “rethinking financial products for the digital age”. The module was presented by Anup Singh, Regional[…]

Les résultats de le première étude d’impact social de microlux

21 septembre 2021 microlux, première institution de microfinance luxembourgeoise et membre, vient de publier sa première étude d’impact social. Compte[…]

Strategic and business planning for digitalisation transformation: Insight of the Boulder Digital Transformation of MFIs programme – Week 3

Author: Violette Cubier This week’s module was on strategic and business planning for digitalisation transformation. The module was presented by[…]

Focus on the Microfinance Community Response to the COVID Pandemic: Insight of the Boulder Digital Transformation of MFIs programme – Week 2

By Violette Cubier, Grantee Week 2: 13/09/2021 Introduction This week’s module was on the response of the microfinance community to[…]

2021 SDG Report: the first-ever global decline in SDG progress

The Sustainable Development Report 2021 including the updated SDG Index and Dashboards, were released on 14 June. The yearly resources[…]

Luxembourg, un des membres les plus généreux du Comité d’aide au développement (CAD) en termes de part du revenu national brut (RNB) consacrée à l’aide publique au développement (APD)

selon les profils de la Coopération pour le développement qui offrent des statistiques et une analyse des programmes d’aide. Ces profils[…]

Caught in the rain: what is the protection gap and why should you care? 29 September, 12:00-13:00

The summer of discontent, which has seen many Europeans caught between flash floods and wildfires, has certainly raised awareness that[…]

Launch of the first Impact Finance Barometer 2021

The traditional annual Microfinance Barometer has been replaced from this year on by the Impact Finance Barometer. The first edition[…]

Get the insight of the Boulder Digital Transformation of MFIs programme thanks to Violette Cubier, grantee – Week 1

Week 1: 26/08/2021
The 1st online edition of the Boulder Microfinance Training (Digital Transformation of MFIs Programme) has been launched[…]

Inclusive savings, where and how you least expect it – 28 September 2021, 12:00-13:00

Being more lucrative for the service provider, loans have long been the only type of product offered by banks and[…]

Launch of Agritech Challenge and Innovation Platform: Apply before August 30th

The UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), under the Centre for Financial Health and in partnership with Atal Innovation Mission, NITI[…] launches its Scholarship Programme Call for Applications

The Scholarship Programme offers to its members exclusively, the opportunity to be granted up to €4000/scholar to follow an[…]

African Microfinance Week (SAM)2021: Opening of Registration

The 5th edition of the SAM will take place from the 18th to 22nd October 2021 at the Kigali Convention[…]

L’ABBL, en partenariat avec la House of Training, deux membres, réalise une série de 4 vidéos sur la finance responsable :

L’ABBL, à travers sa fondation, développe et soutient des projets d’éducation financière (voir vidéo). Dans ce contexte, la Fondation ABBL,[…]

Congratulations to our member Innpact for its recognition as Best for the World™ 2021

Out of 4,000 Certified B Corporations worldwide, Innpact has been recognised as Best for the World™ 2021 for setting the[…]

e-MFP, member, needs you to identify the research needs of financial inclusion actors

The e-MFP Action Group (AG) “From Research to Practice and Back Again” is inviting you to participate in the survey:[…]

Violette Cubier, grantee to follow a Boulder training

Who is Violette Cubier? Violette Cubier has 8 years of experience in the microfinance field. After some volunteer work with the[…]

CSAF Data Portal, interactive dashboards on lending to agricultural SMEs and producer organisations

CSAF (Council on Smallholder Agricultural Finance) gathers 15 private lending institutions who share a commitment to building an inclusive and[…]

SPTF Moves to Create Standards for Digital Financial Services

Over the past few years, it has become clear that there is a need to develop management standards to ensure[…]

Boulder Trainings are back in a digital format!

The Boulder Institute of Microfinance has announced its 2021 digital programme. The well-known in the sector (the used to be) in-person[…]

Financial Inclusion Compass 2021 Launched

e-MFP, member, has published the fourth edition of the Financial Inclusion Compass. The publication examines trends, new areas of[…]

Focus on ESG Data, Labels and Ratings – Insights of the Frankfurt School of Finance Programme Certified Expert in Sustainable Finance

Part four of learning by Esther Meyer, Fondation de Luxembourg Since my last report it was quite busy with the finalization of the[…]

Call for Applications : 6th Edition of Certificate in Law and Regulation of Inclusive Finance – the ADA Chair

The 6th edition of the Certificate in Law and Regulation of Inclusive Finance will take place from January 17 to 27,[…]

Inclusive Green Finance for Mitigation & Resilience of the Most Vulnerable

Exploring the intersection between climate change and financial inclusion, the webinar on inclusive green finance (IGF) organized by and[…]

Persistent Credit Risk: a Threat to the Solvency of Microfinance institutions ? – ADA, Inpulse & Fondation Grameen Crédit Agricole Survey

ADA, Inpulse and the Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation presented the results of their 6th joint round of survey on the[…]

Carte Blanche de Michel Maquil du 31 mai 2021- RTL radio – La pandémie et les inégalités

Régulièrement, Michel Maquil, président de, est invité à expliquer, en 3 minutes, un sujet proche de l’inclusion financière à[…]

Creation of the Climate & Resilience Academy for Private Sector by CARE Luxembourg

CARE Luxembourg, in cooperation with the CARE Climate & Resilience Academy, developed an online-learning-offer for the private sector on climate[…]

CATAPULT: Inclusion Africa 2021 – Future of Farmers Financing EMATA wins Award

Future of Farmers Financing Fintech EMATA wins Award after 10 days long digital financial inclusion bootcamp organised by the Luxembourg[…] nouveau plan stratégique pluriannuel

A l’occasion du renouvellement de la convention entre le Ministère des Affaires étrangères et européennes Luxembourg – Direction de la[…]