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Inclusive Finance

Today, around 2.5 billion of people worldwide have no access to financial services. They do not have a bank account or access to other formal financial services. Most are part of the low-income population and are living in developing countries. Inclusive Finance has for objective to provide them with affordable and good quality financial services including saving, credit, insurance, remittances, payment methods and non-financial services. Providing this population segment with those services enhances financial inclusion, which goes hand in hand with tackling poverty, addressing income disparities and favouring economic growth.

About InFiNe.lu

The Inclusive Finance Luxembourg Asbl (InFiNe.lu) is the Luxembourg platform that brings together public, private and civil society actors involved in inclusive finance. The value of InFiNe.lu lies in the wide range of expertise characterized by the diversity of its members.

The Government of Luxembourg played a key role in setting up InFiNe.lu as it  understood early on the importance of financial inclusion for sustainable development, and made it a cross-sectoral part of its international development programme.