25 April 2018

Get to know how blockchain can be used to provide decentralized micro-insurance service to smallholder farmers

500 million of smallholder farmers are under-insured and exposed to financial distress. Re-thinking risk protection is essential and blockchain technology could help to reach this goal.

Aware of this challenge, a consortium of 5 organisations, BitBank, ADA, fhi360, Space4environment and European Space Agency (ESA), is currently developing an Inclusive Blockchain Insurance using Space Assets (IBISA) project.

Ms Annette Houtekamer, expert in inclusive insurance will present the project together with Ms Maria Mateo Iborra, BitBank.

Ms Katharine Pulvermacher, executive director of the Microinsurance Network will introduce the session.

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When? Wednesday 25th April 2018 from 12:30 to 13:30
Where? Maison de la microfinance, 39 rue Glesener L-1631 Luxembourg

To participate, register before Monday April 23rd to contact@infine.lu
This is an InFiNe.lu members only event
Lunch will be provided

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