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The mission of the SPTF Inc, created in 2005, is to help building a responsible, client-responsive financial services industry. As the platform for global, industry-wide coordination, SPTF has developed and promotes standards and practices for responsible inclusive finance.

Over the years, SPTF has grown to include more than 3,000 members from every stakeholder group in inclusive finance across 127 countries. Its work has gained sector-wide momentum and visibility. It has helped to create and sustain a responsible industry culture. SPTF’s vision is that Social Performance Management is standard business practice and is used to achieve the social promise of inclusive finance.

SPTF asbl’s purpose is to advance and promote responsible inclusive finance principles and social performance management standards in the financial sector by expanding the outreach of SPTF Inc and its global network through a presence in Luxembourg. This will enable improved coordination with European based actors, active in the responsible inclusive finance and impact investing sectors.

Know more about the work of SPTF in inclusive finance by reading the interview of Jurgen Hammer.

Face to Face with InFiNe.lu Members : Jurgen Hammer, Managing Director SPTF Europe

30 October 2020

Watch the video about the work of SPTF in social performance management and social taxonomy

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Not-for-profit organisation

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- Advocacy
- Communication / Promotion
- Financial product development
- Networking
- Research / Knowledge Management
- Technical Assistance / Networking




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