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The LHoFT Foundation is a public – private sector initiative that drives technology innovation for Luxembourg’s Financial Services industry, connecting the domestic and international Fintech community to develop solutions that shape the world of tomorrow.

The LHoFT aims to drive digitalization and innovation in the Luxembourg financial industry and build a collaborative ecosystem of innovators across all sectors of the domestic and international community, including traditional financial services firms, government, regulators, universities, investors and, of course, startups.

The LHoFT is much more than an incubator:

  • it builds and fosters the Luxembourg Fintech ecosystem.
  • it extends the ecosystem internationally, connecting with leading Fintech hubs around the world.
  • it supports the community, particularly our members and partners, in accessing the right and best solutions and resources.
  • it enables the Fintech community through practical training, education and research.
  • it brings together and collaborates with domestic and international stakeholders on industry-wide projects, working groups and initiatives.
  • it assists Fintech businesses to effectively set up and grow, providing a soft landing platform for access to the EU market.
  • it works to bring together and align the key stakeholders in the broad Fintech ecosystem, both domestic and international, to drive collaboration and facilitate innovation with a core focus on Regtech, Fundtech, Blockchain, AI, Payments and Financial Inclusion.
  • it works with partners and others to identify pain points and then build, incentivise and lead consortiums (big and small) from across the ecosystem to provide the appropriate solutions.
  • it enhances knowledge by understanding the needs of the ecosystem and delivering appropriately tailored education through the right mediums and formats.
  • it raises international awareness of Luxembourg’s initiatives and achievements in financial technology to draw in new actors and opportunities.
  • it allies with various industry stakeholders, associations, initiatives and government departments to deliver a soft-landing platform for Fintech firms setting up in Luxembourg.

Know more about the work of LHoFT in inclusive finance by reading the interview of Emilie Allaert.

Face to Face with members: Emilie Allaert, Head of Operations and Projects, LHoFT

1 October 2018

Watch the video about The LHoFT and financial inclusion

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Not-for-profit organisation

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- Networking
- Technical Assistance / Networking



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