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With more than 2,300 employees and more than 100 partners, Deloitte Luxembourg is among the leading professional services firms on the market. For 70 years, Deloitte has delivered high quality services to both national and international clients, producing a full range of offerings in the fields of audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk management, and tax services.

With a multi-cultural workforce comprised of 77 different nationalities, we are committed to facilitating dialogue and understanding the needs of our clients around the world. Moreover, the opening of three foreign desks in New York, Hong Kong, and London is also helping to closer unite our clients and our firm, while extending Luxembourg’s influence beyond its borders.

Tailor-made service teams consisting of professionals experienced in their sector of expertise bring together a vast pool of competencies while a cross-service line exchange enables a sharing and understanding of every industry concern at each level.

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Face to face with members: Guillaume Brousse, Director, Deloitte Luxembourg

3 April 2018

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Organisation type(s):

For-profit organisation

Field(s) of competence:

- Research / Knowledge Management
- Technical Assistance / Networking

Area(s) of expertise:

Audit of inclusive finance vehicles (microfinance, impact finance,…).Advisory services to MIV or inclusive finance managers (due diligence, risk management, valuation, governance).Tax assistance for setup of inclusive finance vehicles.Attest services for responsible investment managers.



20 Boulevard de Kockelscheuer L-1821 Luxembourg



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