Is There a Business Case for Digital Financial Services for Women Farmers?

Is There a Business Case for Digital Financial Services for Women Farmers?

06/04/2021 - 15:00 Luxembourg Time
Location: Online
Organiser: CGAP
Event type: Conference

Women in rural areas, and in particular female farmers, have significantly less access to financial services than their male counterparts. Digital Financial Services (DFS) have the potential to unlock financial services for women in agriculture, but are constrained by significant gender gaps in DFS access and usage. 

In 2018, the World Bank provided Technical Assistance (TA) to three Financial Service Providers (FSPs) – Digifarm in Kenya, myAgro in Tanzania, and Fenix in Uganda – to help them design and deliver digitally-enabled financial services to female farmers. In this webinar, the three FSPs and their technical assistance providers will share insights on the customer research process, their challenges, and the results from these engagements. 
This interactive webinar will include: 

  1. A plenary session outlining the motivation to support FSPs working on DFS for women farmers; 
  2. Break-out sessions for focused discussion with the three FSP partners and technical service providers; and, 
  3. A plenary panel to distil key messages and guidance from this experience. 

Hosted by the WBG Agrifinance Community of Practice and CGAP, this discussion will convene practitioners, researchers, donors, and experts within and outside the WBG to share knowledge on this important topic. 

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Source: CGAP