The recent annual General Assembly was the opportunity for to ratify its modified legal status which extended the number of Board members from up to 7 to up to 9. It also was the time to filled  the 8 open seats of the Board, besides Nico Binsfeld CEO of the House of Training who was elected last year.

This new Board has just begun his three-year term:

1. Annalisa Bianchessi, Senior Communications Manager – Microinsurance Network
2. Eric Campos, Managing Director – Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation
3. Laurent Capolaghi, Partner – EY
4. Michel Maquil
5. Olivier Massart, Executive Director – ADA
6. Pierre Oberlé, Senior Business Development Manager  – ALFI
7. Manuel Tonnar, Deputy Director of the Cooperation for Development and Humanitarian Action at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
8. Sachin Vankalas, Director, Operations and Sustainability – LuxFLAG

The secretariat would like to welcome the new Board and warmly thank the support of Anouk Agnes (ALFI) and Luc Vandeweerd (ADA) who have fulfilled their full terms.