Convergences is the place where various stakeholders discuss and exchange with the aim to disseminate good practices, promote co-constructive approaches and create high impact and innovative partnerships for the development of a world of « Zero Exclusion, Zero Carbon, Zero Poverty ».

Its programme is very wide, from sustainable development to international development, solidarity-based and inclusive finance, CSR, social entrepreneurship or new technologies for a change.

But Convergences is not only the forum that brings together public, private and solidarity-based actors to promote the Sustainable Development Goals, it is also where the Microfinance Barometer is launched.
Since 2010, the Microfinance Barometer presents annually the main trends in the microfinance sector and gives more visibility to high social impact microfinance initiatives. It also features key global figures on financial inclusion. This year’s edition has a focus on Impact Investing with articles analysing the sector and exploring the synergies between impact investing and microfinance.

Find out the 8th Microfinance Barometer in English or en français.