Face to Face with our Members: Matthieu Lauzier, Manager, PwC Luxembourg

Face to Face with our Members: Matthieu Lauzier, Manager, PwC Luxembourg

An interview with Matthieu Lauzier, Manager at PwC Luxembourg


Matthieu Lauzier joined PwC Luxembourg in 2009 and is a Manager.

What are your current responsibilities and what is a working day at PwC like?

As a manager, my main mission is to follow an audit process. This includes complying with a series of regulations and legislation. Delivering the right client experience – handling any of their enquiries while ensuring quality, is essential.

My working day starts by following up on emails from clients working on a different continent. I then set the day’s objectives and allocate it to all the members of my team.

What is your key interest in inclusive finance?

Inclusive finance at the crossroads of philanthropy and standard asset management. Being able to work on such topics creates added value. When working with inclusive finance, we not only expect economic or financial returns but also societal impact, and in some cases an environmental impact. That is why these topics have been gaining ground.

How are you involved in inclusive finance?

I carry out audits on microfinance asset funds. I also audit sustainable energy or “green” funds. Being part of a global network includes working in hand in hand with other offices around the world. Moreover, I am part of a working group that examines social outcomes within the framework of the European Microfinance Network. I also participated in ALFI’s Roadshow to Switzerland, which gave me the opportunity to meet with the University of Zurich’s Center for Microfinance.

For you Inclusive finance is a passion, job or learning experience?

Inclusive finance is more than a job. It is a passion and also a great source of learning. I first became involved when working on a microfinance file back in 2009. I also learn through the European Microfinance Platform working group.

What is the biggest project you have handled for the moment?

It is rather a constant challenge rather than a project. Everything is a matter of measuring the non-financial impact. The typical question is how you measure the non-financial impact of a fund. Investors increasingly want to be able to measure this impact which is a challenge being looked into at our Luxembourg office. For instance, how do you showcase the social impact of a microfinance fund? These are the questions being raised by our clients and discussed during the working groups we participate to.

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