Try out the digital version of SPI4 and SPI Alinus.

SPI4 is the social performance audit tool to help financial service providers achieve their social mission. SPI4 brings together industry standards under one tool, offering a common language for reporting to stakeholders.

ALINUS stands for « ALigning INvestors due-diligence and reporting with the Universal Standards ». SPI4-Alinus is a subset of CERISE-SPI4 indicators that allows investors in inclusive finance to conduct their due diligence with financial service providers.

En français : lundi 22 juin – 14h00 CEST
In English: Monday 22 June – 17:00 CEST and Tuesday 23 June – 11:00 CEST
En español Martes 23 de junio – 16h00 CEST

(Source: CERISE)