Creation of the Climate & Resilience Academy for Private Sector by CARE Luxembourg

Creation of the Climate & Resilience Academy for Private Sector by CARE Luxembourg

CARE Luxembourg, in cooperation with the CARE Climate & Resilience Academy, developed an online-learning-offer for the private sector on climate change and gender equality. The online-learning-offer consists of three courses that will help to understand the causes and impact of the climate crisis. The courses detail the urgency and the form of a local and global response. The courses can be taken whenever you wish over a period of time, agreed upon with participating companies. CARE will ask each company to make a donation to CARE’s climate programs and the further development of the academy for each staff member taking the courses. At the end, each participating employee and company will receive a certificate.

About the partners of the project

The CARE Climate & Resilience Academy is an online e-learning platform run by CARE experts. Its main objective is to increase development practitioners’ capacities to integrate resilience and tackle the causes and consequences of climate change in their programming, thereby increasing program quality and sustainability and increasing the resilience of the most vulnerable people. It is an initiative started by CARE’s global team leading on Climate Justice – CARE’s Climate Change and Resilience Platform (CCRP). 

In addition to the online learning offer for the private sector, the Climate & Resilience Academy offer 2 other different types of learning resources:

Online courses: free and self-paced courses, accessible 24/7 for people within and outside CARE

Learning journeys: subscription-based interactive online trainings that combine online courses, peer to peer exchanges and coaching.

Trainer packs: trainers and facilitators containing editable training materials on resilience and climate change and facilitation tips.

Learning resources are directly based on CARE’s 17 years of experience in resilience, community-based adaptation and climate advocacy.

CARE’s Climate Change & Resilience Platform leads and coordinates the integration of climate change and resilience across CARE’s development and humanitarian work. It aims to support and strengthen the ability of CARE to increase resilience and to tackle the causes and consequences of climate change.

The Climate & Resilience Academy is developed in partnership with The Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX) established by Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE). LGX is the world’s first and leading platform dedicated exclusively to sustainable finance. LGX is a dedicated platform for sustainable securities and issuers contritubtino to financing a low-carbon and more inclusive economy.

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