Set up first as a regional workshop, Building Resilience through Climate Risk Insurance for Micro, Small and Medium Entreprises (MSMEs) has been modified to an online event due to the COVID -19 crisis.

The results: 4 webinars on building resilience through climate risk insurance to watch again.

1. What is climate risk? – Webinar

What climate risks are faced in Asia? How do these risks concretely impact low-income households in Asia (health, property, loss of income, loss of life)?
What risks do MSMEs face? Which are specific to climate risk (or exacerbated by it)?

2. Update on data requirements and modelling Developing insurance for MSMEs – Webinar

This session discusses the types of data required to develop CRI solutions targeting the low-income people and MSMEs against flood, typhoon & drought hazards, review the challenges encountered in accessing climate/disaster risk data and sustainable sources of data. Risk modelling methods and related capacity development needs of insurers are also be discussed as well as approaches to address the challenges on data and risk modelling.

3. Developing insurance for MSMEs – Webinar

What do emerging Asian MSMEs look like and why do they matter? How can insurers,InsurTech, distributors, donors, etc. act to develop better insurance markets for MSMEs? What specific instruments are available? How do these meet insurers’ expectations/needs? Are there innovative structures that can be developed?

4. Micro vs. meso vs. macro insurance solutions are regulators ready? – Webinar

This session discusses what is needed in terms of regulatory frameworks and coordination between government departments within the context of micro, meso and macro insurance solutions which build resilience for MSMEs, households, communities and economies to climatic risks. The session also is an opportunity to discuss the role of governments vs the private sector (insurers) in creating such an enabling environment.

(Source: Microinsurance Network)