18 April 2018

Luxembourg is now one of the world’s leading financial markets, with known and recognized expertise in asset management. This knowledge is also exported to Southern countries to help the poor. As a consequence, more than 50% of microfinance investment funds are now domiciled in the Grand Duchy.

In this logic, House of Training – ATTF has developed, in collaboration with ADA and ALRiM (Luxembourg Association for Risk Management), a coaching project on risk management applied to microfinance institutions. This midi will show a concrete example of coaching that took place between a financial consultant specialized in risk management with recognized expertise in banking in Europe and worldwide, and a Togolese microfinance institution, the Coopérative d’Epargne et de Crédit des Artisans (CECA). CECA has used this coaching program to solve its risk management problem (drop in financial performances, deterioration of the portfolio, drop in the repayments, the  » famous « PAR” – risk portfolio …).

The speakers will be:


The round table will be moderated by Luc Vandeweerd, Executive advisor at ADA.

The Banque de Luxembourg will be introducing the conference.

Ben Lyon, Director, Head of ATTF Services – House of Training in Luxembourg, will close the debate.

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