11/12 October 2018

Every year since 2015 (the year of the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs), the October Days for Sustainable Development have contributed to the global debate on the SDGs by enhancing dialogue among stakeholders.

The 2018 edition of the October Days for Sustainable Development will discuss the need for a revamping of the financial system to embrace the sustainability principles of the Agenda 2030. The focal point of the debate will be on how to mobilise significant financial resources to implement large-scale sustainable investments at a global level, and specifically in the poorer regions.

Panellists from the private and public sector, academics, impact investors, international organisations, the EIB, NGOs and other experts and key actors will focus on the financing of three SDGs (Good health and well-being; gender equality; clean water and sanitation).

The event is accessible to anyone interested in the topic and with no fees.

For more information and to register check the website.