Publications on inclusive finance

  • Global Microscope 2016. The enabling environment for financial inclusion: The Global Microscope 2016 from the Economist Intelligence Unit aims to assess the regulatory environment for Financial inclusion across 12 indicators (Governement support for financial inclusion; regulatory and supervisory capacity for financial inclusion; prudential regulation; regulation and supervision of credit portfolios; regulation and supervision of deposit-taking activities; regulation of insurance targeting low-income populations; regulation and supervision of branches and agents; requirements for non-regulated lenders; electronic payments; credit-reporting systems) and 55 countries.
  • Financial services for all, a CSFI « banana skins » survey of the risks in financial inclusion, 2016: The survey describes the risks in provision of financial services to people in emerging markets whose access to these services is either limited or non-existent.
  • Financial Inclusion 2020 Progress Report, Center for Financial Inclusion: In this report, the Center for Financial Inclusion present its assessment of progress toward global Financial inclusion through the lengs of five topics that will shape the future of Financial inclusion, i.e. addressing Customer needs, client proteciton, credit reporting & data, financial capability, and technology.
  • The Global Findex Database – Measuring financial inclusion around the world, World Bank, 2014: The Global Findex database provides in-depth data on how individuals save, borrow, make payments, and manage risks. It is the world’s most comprehensive database on financial inclusion that consistently measures people’s use of financial services across countries and over time. The 2014 Global Findex consists of over 100 indicators, also shown by gender, income, and age.
  • Convergences. Microfinance Barometer 2016: Since 2010, the Microfinance Barometer présents annually the main trends in the microfinance sector and gives more visibility to high social impact microfinance initiatives. The 2016 edition features up-to-date figures of the microfinance sector both in France and internationally and studies the new opportunities of the sector both in southern and northern countries.

Publications on investments/funding and inclusive finance Publications