US$ 42 Billion Funds to Financial Inclusion in 2017

The 2017 CGAP Funder Survey reports funding commitments from 54 international funders, both public and private, as of the end of 2017. The survey show that international funders committed US$42 billion to financial inclusion in 2017 – a growth of approximately 12 % . Development finance institutions (DFIs) are driving the growth in public funding; […]

New Report from UNCDF : Blended Finance in the Least Developed Countries

Three years after the adoption of the Addis Ababa Action Agenda and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, there is a consensus that public and private finance will both be needed—at scale—to meet the SDGs. Blended finance is receiving increasing attention for its potential to maximize the catalytic impact of concessional finance by sharing risks […]

Inclusive Fintech 50 Competition

Inclusive Fintech 50 is a brand-new competition that will identify promising early-stage fintechs driving financial inclusion around the world.

This initiative, funded by MetLife Foundation and Visa with support from Accion and IFC, aims to make early-stage fintechs more visible to investors and other partners that can help them scale and reach the 3 billion financially underserved people globally. Additionally, it will help investors in their efforts to identify and […]

EU Launches EUR 1 million Business Development Services Pilot to contribute to the Financial and Social Inclusion of Refugees and Migrants

As part of the EaSI programme, the EU has launched a EUR 1 million pilot, the Business Development Services Pilot (the “BDS Pilot” or the “Pilot”), to further strengthen the provision of BDS to refugees and migrants and therefore contribute to their financial and social inclusion.

The objective is to provide partial coverage for the costs […]

Carte Blanche Michel Maquil – RTL – Radio, La sécurité informatique des services financiers

30 Janvier 2019

Dans sa Carte Blanche RTL Radio du 30 janvier 2019, Michel Maquil parle de la question de la sécurité informatique des services financiers.

Pour lire la Carte Blanche en luxembourgeois ou français cliquez ici

Face to Face with Members: Perrine Pouget, Transaction Manager in Inclusive Finance at the European Investment Fund (EIF)

An interview with Perrine Pouget, Transaction Manager in Inclusive Finance at the European Investment Fund (EIF)

 How did you get involved in inclusive finance?

I have spent my entire career in the microfinance sector since 2004. At the end of my Masters in Finance, I realized I wanted to apply my financial skills for a “good […]

Crop Insurance and New Technologies

Luxembourg, 29 January 2019 took the opportunity of the arrival in Luxembourg of OKO, a Fintech start-up specialised in agricultural insurance to organise a presentation for members on new technologies and crop insurance. OKO has recently started its activities in Mali in partnership with a local insurance company.

Simon Schwal, Founder and CEO of OKO, […]

Microfinance in Gaza and West Bank

Luxembourg, 28 January 2019

Judeh Jamal, CEO of DAMAN SMEs, a not for profit organisation aiming to sustain and support the microfinance sector to continue their activities in the marginalized, poor communities in Palestine, was in Luxembourg and presented to members and Luxembourg public an overview of the situation of micro and small enterprises in Gaza […]

Call European Microfinance Research Award – Deadline March 11th

Ahead of the Microfinance Center (MFC) – European Microfinance Network (EMN) Annual Conference to be held in Vienna (Austria), on 6th June 2019, European Microfinance Network (EMN) is pleased to announce the 12th edition of the European Microfinance Research Award co-sponsored by the Research Group « Financial Inclusion and New Entrepreneurship » of The Hague University of […] in 2018

30 members sharing their willingness to promote access for all to good quality, affordable and responsible financial services Publication “Inclusive Finance: Looking to the Future. A perspective from Luxembourg”

14 events organised on inclusive finance topics

Workshops and webinar for members with renowned experts in SME Finance in 2018

Dissemination of knowledge and good practices with specific roadshows […]